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JBL Enceinte Intellivox HP DS 370

JBL Enceinte Intellivox HP DS 370 - Image n°2
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JBL Enceinte Intellivox HP DS 370 - Image principale
JBL Enceinte Intellivox HP DS 370 - Image n°2

Caractéristiques Enceinte Intellivox HP DS 370

Active Beam Shaping, Self Powered, Column Loudspeaker Array, IP55 Rated

The Intellivox HP-DS370 is a self-contained, especially high-power and high-output, 2-way, wide-bandwidth beam-shaping powered loudspeaker column loudspeaker with a high degree of outdoor capability. The HP-DS370 is a modern update to the classic Intellivox DS1608, which was the world’s first commercially available beam-shaping high power loudspeaker array. Since beam shaping’s introduction in 1999 the Intellivox High Power models have been specified to solve the problems of speech intelligibility and musical reinforcement in large highly reverberant spaces and theatres. The Intellivox HP-DS370 is capable of delivering up to 108 dB SPL at 30 meters (100 ft), as well as a frequency response to 18kHz. With an array length of 3.7 meters (12’ 2”) the Intellivox HP-DS370 not only offers long throw capability but also greater control at low frequencies. Intellivox HP-DS370 is capable of covering a substantial audience area while maintaining an even sound pressure level throughout. For full range applications JBL-Axys Beam Shaping Subwoofers can be used in conjunction with the HP-DS370 to provide enhancement and control at low frequencies, resulting in a full-range high-fidelity performance system. The fourteen, high efficiency, 6.5” loudspeakers are arranged in accordance with our patented algorithm. Two coaxially mounted 1” compression drivers extend the HF response.


Superb Speech Intelligibility

IP-55 Outdoor Capable

Integrated Amplification and DSP

Slim Unobtrusive Design

Extended Frequency Response - up to 18kHz

Wide Horizontal Dispersion

Vertical Beam Shaping (DDS Technology)

32-bit floating point DSP

Control of Vertical Beam Shaping

Dual Line Inputs

Volume Control

Delay (up to 20 seconds)

8 band parametric EQ

8 user definable, password protected presets on board (recallable through third party control devices)

AVC (Automatic Volume Control) via build-in ambient mic.

Upgradeable firmware

Network Ready

Integral Surveillance

Simulation via DDA, Catt-Acoustic, Odeon and EASE4.3

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